With the average cost of truck driving schools ranging from a couple thousand dollars and up, we get a lot of questions about how to get financial aid to help pay for truck driving school. When we look for schools to feature on our websites, we make sure financial aid is an option for all students, whether it be in the form of grants, loans or scholarships. Featured schools have knowledgeable staff you can talk to that will help you find and get the financial aid you need to make your dream of becoming a truck driver a reality.

As an aspiring truck driver, you may be eligible to get several state and federal grants. For example, the WIA (Workforce Investment Act) offers several grants that will cover the cost of the truck driving training you have to complete in order to become a qualified commercial truck driver. Such grants are available for dislocated workers who have been laid-off and have no certain chance of returning to their previous employment. Such grants might take a while to process and realize.

One of the best truck driving school finance options is the contract training program offered by many Virginia truck driving schools. If you choose our featured truck driving school in Virginia you can be sure there is a contract training program you can apply for. Contract training programs offer you free or low cost training in return for a signed contract that says you will work for the company after graduating. This is a great way to gain experience behind the wheel of a big rig, while earning a paycheck.